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Tokarahia kauaeroa skeletal preview
Tokarahia kauaeroa skeletal reconstruction. Not all parts of the skeloton is indicated as some parts are not yet discovered.

Tokarahia kauaeroa is a kind of baleen whale that lived in 27.3-25.2 Ma in New Zeland. It is 6 metres long and had small teeth on the snout.
Brygmophyseter v.s Megalodon
Here is my latest artwork. Here, you can see two giant sea creatures, the Megalodon and the Byrgmophyseter. So maybe you can look at this and make up a story. I imagined out a story about this drawing. Here's my storyboard:
5 million years ago in the Miocene epoch, offshore sea in Japan, there lived two titans-- The Megalodon and the Brygmophyseter, and they always had a clash.
The giant shark Megalodon cruised the water, scaring other sea creatures nearby. Megalodon dominated the seas, being the greatest predator of all time. But not for a whale. At that time, every whale was a killer. The shark didn't know there was danger.
Brygmophyseter was a 9 metre long toothed whale that lived at the same epoch with Megalodon, and the two was likely the two most greatest predators of the Miocene epoch. And things could be worse --to Megalodon. These whales attack in pods.
A pair of Brygmophyseter swam by. They spotted the shark swimming slowly around. Starving, the whales went for attack.
The clash comes! The first whale surrounded the shark, trapping it. Then, the second one charged at the shark and bit it. The shark was bleed to death, and the whales ate up the shark's body, with a sea of blood.
So this event really happened, 5 million years B.P.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hong Kong
Hey there deviants! I'm Caius from HK and you can call me DinoGuy. Like my name resperents, I love...dinosaurs, and I drew paleoart, you know, huh? I am the founder of the group, Paleoart fever. Maybe I'm the youngest artist in D.A. becuz' I'm just 12! Believe me.
Aged: 12
Loves: Dinosaurs and Paleoart
Lives in: HK


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